Watercolor Artist Specializing in Landscape and Maritime Subjects

M a r y  F r a n c i s   H i l l  NWS

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Growing up my parents tried their best to stop me from waving my hands when speaking.  “It’s distracting”.  I knew they were well intended, but I felt the gestures helped the words come out.  What was true then is even more so today.  By far, my best means of expression is when these hands are dancing. And they dance their best when partnered with a paint brush or pencil. My deepest thoughts, feelings and prayers take flight as my hand guides a brush across paper. 

My artistic style is contemporary realism/regionalism.  I love to pursue the interplay of light, color and value within a compelling composition. Watercolor is about relationship. It takes understanding, respect, commitment, patience and a backbone.  I have found that dedicated watercolorists enjoy risk and reward.  When the dance is done right, the results can be amazing and personally rewarding.

As you explore my online gallery, I hope you agree. 

Thank you

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Mary Francis Hill   

Shout out to my Wisconsin buddies! 

During the 10 years I journeyed as a Wisconsin artist, I was blessed to have been part of a large group of amazing friends who shared my passion for watercolor.  How often does one get the chance to hang out with such a unique and diverse bunch of delightful characters!  Always full  of life and fun!   I won’t forget you - how you brought joy and laughter into my life.   I will always be grateful for your help, inspiration and loving kicks in the butt that helped me to grow as an artist and as a person.